Asteroid je trebao uraditi u Zemlju, ali ga nešto pomaknulo s putanje kolizije (1 Viewer)


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Friday 11.06.2021
Bas citam u novom Nexusu tekst o asteroidu koji je trebao udariti zemlju, sto me je podsjetilo na ovaj tekst: Neobičan objekt je snimljen između Zemlje i Venere, a koji je zaštitio Zemlju od repa kometa

Asteroid was headed to hit Earth, then it mysteriously moved awayThe asteroid was moving so fast that there was not enough time to attempt deflection and the European Space Agency (ESA) said that worryingly, the chance of impact appeared to increase.

For a few tense days in January of this year, astronomers were tracking a Near-Earth Object cruising towards Earth with its trajectory showing it hitting the planet in 2023, when it mysteriously changed course. The asteroid dubbed 2022 AE1 was on course to hit Earth on July 4, 2023, with astronomers predicting real damage to a local area.

The asteroid was moving so fast that there was not enough time to attempt deflection and the European Space Agency (ESA) said that, worryingly, the chance of impact appeared to increase based on the first seven days of observations. The first observations were followed by a dramatic week ‘in the dark’ as the full Moon outshone the potential impactor.

When the Moon moved away, the telescope looked again, only to find the chance of impact was dramatically falling. Since then, it has been confirmed that 2022 AE1 will not impact Earth and has been removed from ESA’s risk list.

The asteroid was detected on January 6 and a day later it was flagged for a potential future impact by the Asteroid Orbit Determination (AstOD) automated system. This system automatically calculates the orbits from asteroid observation data provided by telescopes and observatories around the world.

The astronomers rely on Palermo Scale that categorises and prioritises the impact risk from near-Earth objects (NEOs).

“In January this year, we became aware of an asteroid with the highest ranking on the Palermo scale that we’ve seen in more than a decade, reaching -1.5. In my almost ten years at ESA, I’ve never seen such a risky object. It was a thrill to track 2022 AE1 and refine its trajectory until we had enough data to say for certain, this asteroid will not strike," Marco Micheli, an astronomer at ESA explained.

Astronomers said that several asteroids often appear risky during initial observations, get riskier, and then suddenly become entirely safe. "As is often the case, the overlap with Earth remains even while the risk corridor gets smaller due to further observations and so the risk appears to increase. More often than not, as the hazard zone narrows, the small potential corridor moves off Earth and the risk suddenly drops," ESA said in a statement.

Laura Faggioli, a near-Earth object dynamicist said that had 2022 AE1’s path remained uncertain they would have used any means possible to keep watching it with the biggest telescopes we have.

Astronomers now predict that asteroid 2022 AE1 will have a safe flyby with Earth at a distance of about ten million kilometers nearly 20 times the distance of the Moon.

Izgleda da nesto ipak stiti Zemlju? Da nije to jedan od znakova da nas netko ipak stiti i cuva?

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